God is so AMAZING!

It’s been an amazing experience so far! Eye opening, heart wrenching, gut punching but uplifting all at the same time!! Our lesson in week two was on forgiveness. It cut me to the bone but it also filled me with hope in Christ!!! Because of that lesson, I’ve been coming to some realizations about myself, recognizing how important forgiveness is to belief in Jesus and how foundational it is to true fellowship with God. I cry, A LOT, when talking about my past and struggles that I’ve faced. But they are tears of joy in the knowledge that I will overcome them! Many people have interpreted my tears as a cry for help but as you all know; all our help comes from the Lord who made heaven and earth!!!!


My biggest struggle is I falsely think that the only reason I want to be better is because those who care for me want me to do right. I truly want to be more than my mistakes but my sins weigh so heavily on my mind that it debilitates me, incapacitating me and preventing me from moving forward. Through the Discipleship house, I’ve made significant strides in alleviating the burdens that I carry and getting closer to releasing this wearying anxiety & resting in Christ Jesus.


Thanks so much to God for the Discipleship House!!!!!

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