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The D-House financial goal is to raise $10,000/year for the cost of operations and sustainability. We offer reduced rent for our residents, with the first 30 days free to help them look for a job and get on their feet. We believe that a starting point for building responsibility is for a man to take ownership of his life and provide for his own rent and basic needs. We invite you to come alongside men who are detoxing from the old way of living to a new one in Christ, to join with the work of the D-House team to bring wholistic change in the lives of these men.

If you would like to donate:

  • Mail a check (made out to Breaking Ground) to:

Breaking Ground, 3501 W Fillmore St., Chicago, IL 60624.

• Donate now via our on-line form



“SAM” campaign: Sponsor A Man

We want to empower men to live responsibly, but we also want to meet them where they are. While the cost of living in the D-house is $500/month, a man is not charged for the first month, so we need donors to help with the cost of a man’s first month at D-house.
Can you give a monthly gift to help offset this cost?


One of our primary missions is wholistic change, addressing areas of life such as discipline, responsibility, hard work, and becoming financially self-sufficient. If you have any expertise and would like to teach our guys, we would love to have you! (how do they contact you to volunteer?)

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