Meet the Staff


Cotorey Seals

Cotorey Seals is the D-House director and coordinator at the Navigators’ Breaking Ground ministry. He is an outgoing and joyful follower of Jesus. Wherever Cotorey goes, he wants to take as many people as possible along with him. That’s how he approaches his work for God’s Kingdom, as well as the things he loves to do in his leisure time: poetry, working-out, and salsa dancing.


After attending Rochester Community and Technical College in Rochester, MN, he transferred to Tabor College, where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies/Christian Leadership and a minor in Psychology.  Cotorey entered college as a believer actively pursuing God, and met the Navigators as a sophomore at RCTC. After graduating from Tabor College Cotorey spent two years on the Navigators’ EDGE Corps at Kansas State. There, he spent his time reaching out to students, leading Bible studies and focusing on one-on-one discipleship. Feeling drawn to inner-city ministry, Cotorey then moved to the Westside of Chicago to join the Navigators I-58 ministry, of which Breaking Ground and the D-House are a part.


Cotorey’s upbringing, in Naples, FL, was filled with brokenness. But he has experienced the Holy Spirit’s healing, leading him to believe his story is a purpose-filled one, a life that God redeemed for His glory. His own story of coming to faith and the work Jesus has done in heart and life have given him a heart for Chicago. His desire is to be a catalyst for hope, healing, deliverance and restoration in a city that seems hopeless.

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